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Due to COVID-19, all programs, events, services, support & resources will be hosted virtually to encourage physical distancing and support health recommendation at UC Merced.

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COVID-19 Updates

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Welcome to the Multicultural Center!

We are excited about the opportunity to engage with you and look forward to providing a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself, have deep diver conversations about what it means to be a first generation, diverse serving institution. This center is a place of connections, building awareness, engaging you authentic self, and healing


With a focus on social justice, coalition building, education/training, collective healing and student agency, the Multicultural Center seeks to serve the UC Merced community and aspires to cultivate, explore, provide opportunities for interactions, connections – a sense of belonging, and gain knowledge to be equipped and prepared to thrive in a diverse global society.


The Multicultural Centers upholds the pillars of:

  • Social Justice
  • Education
  • Coalition Building
  • Collective Healing


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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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